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Meet Alex- CEO-Tech Assistant-Cat Pro-CDW & Pilates Teacher.

Alex has been working with humans & animals alike, for over two decades & comes to the table with a multitude of hands-on life & academic experience. From the get go, Alex's love of animals & advocacy for their health & welfare has always been paramount in her daily life experience. In addition, Alex has always been an avid mover & has consistently gravitated to the performing arts & movement/exercise modalities, from the time she could walk. As CEO/Pet-Pro at Mister Beever's Paws & Claws (Bay Area's Finest Vet Tech Provided Pet Care & Dog Training) & owner at Pilates with Alex (Meet_Your_Core), Alex is quite literally living a dream-career-experience. With a B.A. from UO (Liberal Arts/Psychology), Alex's 13+ year clinical & administrative career in residential/outpatient behavioral health settings has been the foundation in which this dream career was built. Alex's love of movement continues with a focal point in her 19+ year experience with Pilates-Movement work, today. The combined academic, hands-on human, movement & animal backgrounds seamlessly mesh to provide an informed & catered wellness experience for all humans & animals in her care.You can check out her personal website here