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Photo Gallery

Meet a few of our clients Meet a few of our clients Zoey Zoey loves hanging out for the weekend with us. 187366116 Thor This pup came for extended medical boarding while his parents were getting married. 187366117 Cairo and Thor These two kids bonded while boarding 187366118 Bella and Prince Prince sharing his bed with Bella 187366119 Zoe She stops to smell the flowers 187366120 Sen and Prince 187366122 Xan and Pan These two kittens are adorable and full of mischief! 187366123 187366124 Simone She boards with us from SF 187366125 BW One of the most adorable pups around! 187366126 Cricket After her bath 187366127 187366128 Simone Hey! Hey! can we go to your house? 187366129 Walking buddies 187366130 Zoey back seat full of love 187366131 Belle and Bella best of friends 187366132 187366133 Tino and Buddy redwood hike with Doggy Lama Pet Care friends 187366134 Moishe After eye surgery. He spent his recovery weekend with us. 187366135 Jemma Pop in potty breaks. We had so much fun with this sweet little lady! 187366136 Pit love 187366137 BW's BDAY!!!!!!!! 187366139 Out walking 187366141 Cairo He's a rockstar 187366142 Redwood fun 187366143 Milo 187366144 187366145 HB 187366146 187366147 187366150 Kittens 187366151 Dally cat 187366152 Jazzie and BW Loving the ride home after a long walk and some manners training 187366153 Oliver! 187366154 Midas:) 187366155 Piper and Zoey These two kids are giant handfuls of LOVE 187366156 Cooper 192349115 192349116 Cooper 192349117 Janney 192349118 192349119 192349120 Marco He may be small but this little man can pack a punch 198038031 Snack Pack Attack! Janney, Oscar, Miwok, Lucy and Keala 198038032 Bully Party Maddie, Cleo and Mojo 198038033 You wish you were this cute All ears Waffles, Keala, Janney and Mojo 198038034 Adventures Roy Taco, Marco and Mojo 198038035 Runi and Milou 199498983 Milou 199498984 Oscar 199498985 Rocky and Mojo 199498986 Yuki 199498987